The Kashrus process at Tovah Family Farms is unmatched, as we go above and beyond the most stringent Chumros for Tolaim within the industry. We perform our initial Bedikah after each piece of our hand picked, farm fresh corn is washed . This scrubbing and inspection cycle is repeated an additional two times using our highly efficient triple filtered water purification process. By adhering to the most stringent Kashrus standard above and beyond Nekar Ayin, we are ensuring that you will only serve the best tasting, highest quality, Kosher Mehadrin Min Hamihadrin, farm fresh produce at your table.

Tovah Family Farms was created as a small operation enabling us to cater to and treat every single customer as our extended family. Each of our vegetables, from the planting and cultivating, through the picking and packaging, is handled with great care and detailed attention to Kashrus, ensuring the freshest and tastiest vegetables makes its way to your table. We take great pride in our work, and will only serve to you, our family, produce of the finest quality that has gone through the most stringent, unmatched Kashrus processes. We offer multiple product lines across the entire United States to different demographics and segments. Thank you for being part of our family.